Sutra Vape 3 in 1 Vaporizer Kit

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The Sutra Vape 3 in 1 Vaporizer Kit comes with everything you need to enjoy just about any form of vaping that you might prefer. This kit comes with three different heating chambers, each designed to be compatible with a different type of source material.

Product Description

Those who wish to use dry aromatic blends will need to use the Dry Chamber, while those who prefer e-liquids should stick with the E-liquid Chamber. If you enjoy taking advantage of the benefits of wax concentrates, you can use the included Wulf Mods Elips Dome attachment. It is a glass orb atomizer that beautifully vaporizes even the thickest waxy concentrates.

The battery base for this device is compatible with all three heating chambers, and it works by simply detaching the current chamber from the magnetic enclosure. The result is a device that is more versatile than any other on the market. The user can completely personalize their vaping experience with this device. Each unit uses a 350mAh lithium-ion battery that can be recharged for added utility. The battery is able to power the device for long periods between charges, which makes this unit perfect for on the go. Not only that, but it only takes five seconds for the heating element to reach its optimal temperature, regardless of the chamber used.

The power button for this Sutra Vape Kit is on top of the battery, and it has an LED light built into the underside of the button. The light is bright enough to catch the eye whenever it is pressed to activate or deactivate the heating element, and it will start to strobe when the battery needs to be recharged. In order to prevent the device from overheating or wasting battery power, an automatic shutoff feature will activate when the device is left active for 15 seconds of continuous heating. A brief three second waiting period protects the device from harm, and a single press of the power button resumes heating. The power button can also lock and unlock the unit when pressed five times in rapid succession. A locked power button will not turn on when accidentally pressed in a pocket or purse.

The 3 in 1 Sutra Vape Kit is available in many unique designs that overshadow the boring solid colors of many other devices. You can choose from Satin Black, Dab Invaders, Dab Monster, Lips, or Walking Dabs. Each is decorated with an artistic rendering that can only be found through Sutra Vapes. The kit includes a 180-day warranty on the battery base, but no warranty is included for the heating chamber attachments. They are considered consumable products since they must be replaced to keep the device working properly. 

Key Features of the Sutra Vape 3 in 1 Vaporizer Kit:
  • Modular Design
  • Compatible with Multiple Source Materials
  • Powerful Lithium-ion Batter
  • LED Power Button
  • Auto-Off Safety Feature
  • Lock/Unlock Feature
  • Fast Heating Time
  • Compact Size

WARNING: Do not charge with a powerbank of 5V or higher. Do not charge in your car. Do not overcharge or use any other charging cable other than what comes with your battery. Failure to follow these instructions could result in battery damage and frying of the internal system.

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    Very pleased

    I recently purchased this setup and so far I've only been able to use the dry herb attachment in the E-liquid attachment and within the last couple days I've used both quite a bit and I am very pleased with the power and how long it lasts you can't get anything better for your money than this I am very happy with this set up and love the power, durability, and longevity this little thing has. I'm currently about to purchase another one for my wife once I submit this review.

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