A Guide To Vape Etiquette

Feb 8, 2023

Guide to Vape Etiquette with Sutra Auto in hand in a meadowBeing new to an area can be tough, mostly when you are unaware of their vape regulations. There are common vape etiquettes you can follow that are accepted anywhere you go. Vaping politely is always appreciated by those around you, so follow these four major rules to avoid disturbance towards others’ surroundings:

Don’t Vape in Confined Areas

A familiar rule is to avoid vaping in small areas like elevators or restrooms. Vaping big clouds in confined areas is simply uncomfortable and can also cause mild headaches. Try to vape in bigger and more spacious areas, it is best advised to vape outdoors.

Food and Vaping Don’t Go Well Together

Vapes are nothing near the taste of wine, so don’t even dare vape while eating your medium rare steak. With distinct and potent flavors of vaporizers, this will interrupt the natural flavors of food that you are consuming.

It is also advised that you should not vape around people who are preparing or enjoying their meal. For many people the smells of food preparation is a major part of the satisfaction—try not to interrupt others' simple pleasures.

Know Your Audience

Sometimes you got to read the room. In other words, if you notice other vapers with their devices out, then the setting you are in most likely vape-friendly. Also, if your device allows you to change your temperature settings, it is suggested that you decrease your heat levels to lower down the amount of clouds being produced.

Just Ask Nicely

Lastly, it never hurts to ask kindly. People will always appreciate the thought and consideration if you ask and let them know that you do not mean any sort of bother.


The main moral of this lesson is to be kind to yourself and to others! Respect one another's spaces and still enjoy endless puffs from your vaporizers. With these four tips, you can vape in public with no stress or worries. Make sure to visit our website, SutraVape.com, to check out our vaporizers, grinders, and other replacement parts you need for your sessions.