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Getting the right power cord replacement for your Sutra Vape is essential to ensuring that the product runs optimally. The wrong cord can damage your unit or cause it to function at decreased capacity.

Product Description

This power cord replacement is suitable for use with any USB charging block, and you can even plug it into your computer to charge your Sutra Vape. It comes with electrical shielding to ensure that it operates safely, and you won't have to worry about causing a power overflow since the chord provides a continuous stream of power.

If your Sutra Vape stops holding a charge, it may be that you simply need to replace the power cord that comes with it. Often, the power cord gets damaged and is unable to produce an optimal charge to fully bring your battery up to a fully charged status. When this happens, you'll notice your vaping sessions starting to decrease, or the unit may not be able to hold a charge at all. This can often be remedied simply by getting a new charger.

The Sutra Vape Replacement Power Cord is a high-quality cord that won't break or fray when used over an extended period of time. The cord charges your unit quickly while providing your battery with a long life. If your current charging cable isn't up to the task of efficiently charging your unit, this is a good replacement option. Since your vape is likely going to be with you all day, you need to choose an option that won't let you down. Don't settle for the cheaper, less durable charging cables that are out there on the market. This Sutra Vape power cord is made from the highest quality materials, and it's designed to ensure that you enjoy a long life from your unit.

The first thing you'll notice about this cord is that it's flexible and strong. It won't break when you roll it up, and the cable is designed to last you a long time. It's long enough so that you can vape while the unit charges, but this might not be necessary since the unit charges so quickly.

Without the proper testing tools, you won't be able to know for certain if your cable is the issue. Since the tools to test the charging cable cost more than the cable itself, it doesn't make much sense to invest in these tools. One way you can test to see if the cable is the problem is to plug the charger into your computer. Once you've plugged in your Sutra Vape as well, go into your device manager and check to see if the plug is pulling a charge from your computer. 

Another troubleshooting step you should take before buying a new vaping unit is to plug the charging cable into a different USB block and try out different outlets in your home. It may be the charging block itself that is causing issues. If the charger works in another location, then you'll know that the cable is not the issue.

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    Two pronged vs picture

    The picture shows a cord that will not charge my vape. Spend $10 to find out if the picture is wrong and just pray for the two pronged charging cable? Hm...

    Description says its quality degrades and requires replacement over a battery.

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