Sutra Vape Dry Cartridge


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Sutra Vape offers high quality replacement products for all of your vaping needs. Their dry vaporizers are very popular products in the Sutra family. They carry the Sutra S-Type Vaporizer and the 3 in 1 Vaporizer. For the dry vaporizers you will need a dry cartridge. Sutra Vape has you covered.

Product Description

The Sutra Vape Dry Cartridge is designed for use with Sutra Dry Vaporizers. It will provide a quality vapor from your dried herbal blends to enhance your vaping experience. 

The Sutra Vape Dry Cartridge is a premium product from Sutra Vape. The dry cartridge works by quickly heating up dried aromatherapies and dried herbal blends. The dry cartridge is compatible with Sutra Vape vaporizers and vape pens. The cartridge provides a wonderful vapor, so you can enjoy vaping for many hours of continuous use. The Sutra Vape Dry Cartridge is made with the best materials for extra durability and a superior vaping experience. Sutra creates only the finest products for your vaping pleasure and the Sutra Vape Dry Cartridge is certainly no exception. 

The Sutra Vape Dry Cartridge is conveniently compact, measurinh only in 1 1/2 inches in the length of its outer diameter. It is made out of premium stainless steel and ceramic parts. Using the Sutra Vape Dry Cartridge is simple. Just apply the dry cartridge to your Sutra Vape battery. Next add your dried aromatherapies or dried herbal blends. The cartridge will heat up super fast, in five seconds or less. With those easy steps done, you are ready to experience a high quality vapor. You can use a wide variety of dried herbal blends and aromatherapies with the Sutra Vape Dry Cartridge. You get up to ten draws per fill, so you are not refilling constantly. The Sutra Vape Dry Cartridge comes equipped with a built-in spring. The spring keeps your dried herbal blends firmly in place on top of the heating coils.

In summary, the Sutra Vape Dry Cartridge is a great product to have on hand. If you find you need a replacement part of any kind for your dry vaporizer, simply order from the web site. The Sutra Vape Dry Cartridge is a superior product made with high quality materials, like all of the products in the Sutra Vape family. Check out Sutra Vape's other premium replacement parts for your dry vaporizer. The Sutra Vape Dry Cartridge is sure to satisfy you and keep you vaping happily.

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