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  • Sutra Dual Coil Replacement Heating Chamber

    The Sutra Dual Coil Replacement Heating Chamber is an OEM replacement part that is used with our Sutra Vape units that are designed for vaping concentrates. This heating chamber is made from durable materials and boasts two coils for efficient and effective heating of concentrates. The chamber spreads heat over a large surface area to produce significant vapor volume and incredible flavor, two important considerations for those who vape this type of material.

  • Sutra DBR 18650 3000 mAh 40A Battery by Sutra Vape

    The Sutra DBR 18650 3000mAh 40A Battery by Sutra Vape is a replacement or spare part battery unit. The Sutra DBR Battery is an essential 18650 battery vital for every vaper allowing the user to enjoy continuous sessions without interruptions. Additionally, the 3000mAh battery can carry devices through multiple vape sessions without needing to be recharged. The Sutra DBR 18650 3000mAh is also a 40A (amp) product, meaning at this flow rate of current, the battery is designed at the idyllic pace ensuring a device run efficiently so that the power isn’t drained or wasted.

  • Organic Dab Swabs 300 pcs by Got Vape

    Organic Dab Swabs 300pcs by Got Vape is an essential for every vape user. The swabs make sure to keep your dab nails and quartz atomizer are fresh, such as the Sutra DBR Portable ENail Kit by Sutra Vape, keeping them clean and protected. Each package comes with 300 organic swabs that will safely maintain the longevity and flavors of your products.

  • Got Vape Wipes 100 pk

    The Got Vape Wipes 100pk by Got Vape is an must have for every vape user. Got Vape Wipes 100pk are durable cleaning wipes that come individually wrapped containing a 3-inch pad that has been saturated in 70% isopropyl alcohol packing extra cleaning strength. Keeping your vaporizer and vape accessories clean adding to its longevity, Got Vape Wipes 100pk cleans numerous materials including concentrates, oils, dry herbs and e-liquids. The main function of the Got Vape Wipes 100pk is to protect your device from buildup and residue will allowing the user to clean with ease.

  • Sutra Selfie Magnetic Ring by Sutra Vape
    Sutra Selfie Magnetic Ring by Sutra Vape
  • Sutra Selfie Cartridge by Sutra Vape
    Sutra Selfie Cartridge by Sutra Vape
  • Sutra Vape Replacement Power Cord

    Getting the right power cord replacement for your Sutra Vape is essential to ensuring that the product runs optimally. The wrong cord can damage your unit or cause it to function at decreased capacity.

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Sutra Vape is a superior vaporizer company that makes outstanding products made to last. Whether you want something for your dry herb, e-liquid, concentrate or oil vaporizer, we have exactly what you need. Carrying everything from vaporizer devices to grinders to replacement parts, Sutra Vape delivers top-notch, second to none products.

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