Portable Replacement Parts

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Portable Vape Spare Parts are Convenient and Effective

Sutra Vape portable vaporizers combine convenience with quality. They are slender and compact to fit easily in the palm of your hand, in your pocket or in your purse. If you have a portable vaporizer from Sutra you can be confident that you have purchased the very best. However, at some point, you may find that your vaporizer is not working properly. You may have lost or damaged a component of your vaporizer. Instead of replacing the entire vaporizer, you can replace just one component. Sutra carries several replacement parts for your portable vaporizer: the Sutra Vape Heating Chamber, the Sutra Vape Replacement Power Cord, the Sutra Vape Essential Oil Adapter and the Sutra Vape Dry Cartridge. Whatever you need, Sutra has you covered. 

The Sutra Vape Heating Chamber is made of re-engineered stainless steel. It is made to heat your liquids quickly and effectively, so you can enjoy vaping as soon as possible. The heating chamber features a wickless ceramic nichrome heating element. The element allows for a large amount of essential oil or e-liquid to be heated at once. 

The Sutra Vape Replacement Power Cord is an item you will want to consider if you have lost or damaged your power cord. It allows you to vape while your battery is charging and is long enough to be convenient. This way, you never miss out on vaping pleasure. 

The Sutra Vape Essential Oil Adapter is another great product. It measures 2"L x 1/4 outer diameter and will fit your vaporizer or vape pen perfectly. Just apply the adapter to your battery and add essential oils. You will enjoy a great vapor that lasts for hours of continuous use. A clear window shows when you need to refill the essential oils. The adapter is high quality made out of stainless steel and ceramic parts.

Pick up the Dry Vape Cartridge

The Sutra Vape Dry Cartridge is also a premium vaping product. It is only 1 1/2 inches in length in its outer diameter. It is also made with stainless steel and ceramic parts. Just apply the cartridge to your battery and add dried herbal blends. You can use many different kinds of herbal blends or aromatherapies with the Sutra Vape Dry Cartridge. The cartridge provides ten draws per fill. It has a built in spring to keep your herbal blends on top of the heating coils.

Get a replacement from Sutra for your portable vaporizer, and extend its life.