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  • Sutra Aluminum 4 pc 65mm Grinder

    When you need a vape that's clean, fresh, delicious and pure, the best vape around is the kind that comes right from the herbs in your very own grinder. Sure e-juice is a blast and tasty and flavorful as can be, but when we talk about grinding your own, well that is taking taste to a whole new level. 

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  • Sutra Aluminum 4 pc 50mm Grinder

    A grinder is one of the most important tools you can have in your vape arsenal. Getting a good quality grinder will allow you to grind the perfect herbs for your natural vape session. A good grinder is arguably the most important accessory you can buy.

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Discover the Efficiency of Sutra Grinders

Since the explosion of popularity that vaporizers and other portable aromatherapy devices have enjoyed over the recent years, a wide range of products have become available to streamline the vaping process. One such innovation was the introduction of dry herb vaporizers. These devices are able to take raw, ground aromatic blends and vaporize them at the perfect temperature to ensure smooth, delicious clouds. Many people have started to take advantage of dry herb vaporizers since they offer many of the same conveniences as their oil counterparts, but the source material for a dry herb vaporizer must still be properly prepped in order to be optimally enjoyed.

Grinders are able to cut down on the prep time of your aromatic blend of choice. They use milled teeth that are built into the structure of the grinder to pulverize anything that gets inserted into the handheld tool. Not only do they effectively break down an herb product for vaporization, but they do so in a manner that is far faster and cleaner than breaking up the product by hand.

Sutra Vape carries two distinct versions of our sturdy herb grinder. They are both made with the same high quality materials and durable design, but one measures 50mm in diameter while the other measures 65mm in diameter. They perform the same function, but the larger grinder can obviously grind more material at once, and it has a larger capacity for storing the ground material.

Each of these grinders is made with a 4-piece design, and each piece is fully separable from the remainder of the grinder. The top half of the tool, which contains two of the four pieces, is the portion of the device that performs the grinding. The two top pieces form the interlocking teeth where the herb should be loaded, and a few twists of the top most piece will spin the teeth inside the unit, which grinds the herb. The second top piece, where the herb is ground, contains several milled holes that allow the ground material to fall through to the third component, which catches the herb on a fine aluminum mesh. The mesh is used to separate the third piece from the fourth and last piece. The fourth piece holds any fine pollen from the herb that might fall through the fine mesh of the third piece.

Sutra Vape Grinders are Built to Last

Our Sutra Vape grinders are built from machine-grade aluminum and finished with a coat of premium gloss that protects the integrity of the aluminum underneath. Both grinders are available in a range of colors, including red, blue, titanium, green, and gray. They are the perfect addition to any serious vaping enthusiast's collection of tools. If you plan to enjoy the benefits of dry herb vaporizing, you should certainly include a grinder in your in accessories. It will make the experience better and more efficient by a large margin. Sutra Vapes has been producing exceptional vaporizers and vaporizer accessories since 2011, and these grinders are just a few in our lineup of premium products.