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Sutra Vape produces premium vaping products. They sell vaporizers as well as replacement parts. The Sutra S-Type Vaporizer is one of the finest vaporizers on the market. It has several settings for e-liquids and concentrated oils as well as a setting for dried herbal blends.

Product Description

When you use dried herbal blends or dried aromatherapies with the new Sutra S-Type Vaporizer, you will need replacement screens. Sutra Vape sells a convenient pack of five screens for your Sutra S-Type Vaporizer. There is no need to purchase replacement screens from anywhere else. The website makes it simple to reorder whenever you run out. Sutra Vape can always keep you well-supplied for all your vaping needs. 

The Sutra S-Type Replacement Screens 5 Pack is an item you will need to purchase periodically. The purpose of a vaporizer screen is to keep particles from your vaping material from coming loose and getting into your mouth. The screen traps the small particles, while the vapor passrs through the tiny holes in the metal mesh. The screens are an important part of making your vaping experience superior every time.

Since the job of a vaporizer screen is to capture debris, over time particles will build up on the screen's surface. Even with regular cleaning of the screen, a small amount of discoloration and particles will likely remain on the screen. Debris can stop the vapor from flowing properly, which can keep you from getting a satisfying draw. The debris can also affect the taste and purity of your vapor. Changing the vaporizer screens is an important part of the maintenance of your Sutra S-Type Vaporizer. 

Screens should be changed often for the optimal performance of your vaporizer. Exactly how often the screens should be changed depends on what is vaped and how much is vaped. Typically speaking, for people who vape once a day, the screens should be changed every four to eight weeks. If the vape screen still looks dirty even after cleaning it following the maufacturer's recommendations, it should probably be changed. If you notice changes in the performance of the vaporizer, try changing the screen.

Sutra Vape has you covered when it comes to replacement parts for the Sutra S-Type Vaporizer. The sleek contemporary look of the S-Type is matched only by its great functionality. The S-Type is a great vaporizer for dried herbal blends. If you use the S-Type for your favorite herbal blends, be sure to check out the great value of replacement screens from Sutra. They always fit perfectly and will ensure you get a great draw every time. 

Get the Sutra S-Type Replacement Screens 5 Pack for a superior vaping experience.

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