Sutra Aluminum 4 pc 65mm Grinder


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When you need a vape that's clean, fresh, delicious and pure, the best vape around is the kind that comes right from the herbs in your very own grinder. Sure e-juice is a blast and tasty and flavorful as can be, but when we talk about grinding your own, well that is taking taste to a whole new level. 

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What is vaping all about? Is it about taking a draw on a taste that is almost adequately okay, or is it about taking a taste sensation on the tongue that screams out yes! This is it! This is the vape taste of your dreams!?

The answer? The answer is the scrumptiously tasty taste of freshly milled herbs, ground by hand and then vaped with a vengeance.

Grinding and vaping fresh herbs brings on a fresh taste that has the high quality demanded by the most refined taste buds around. These are taste buds that demand the finest in their vape, and by golly they will get it, even if they have to grind their herbs themselves.

All of this explains why the Sutra Aluminum 4 pc 65 mm Grinder is such a must for vapers who insist on fresh quality in every draw of their favorite flavor. This larger size Sutra Vape grinder is crafted of machine-grade aluminum and then finished with a premium quality gloss that protects the metal while also giving it a sassy sheen. 

A well made grinder makes prepping fresh herbs for vaporizing easy and yes, very delicious. These large, high quality grinders from Sutra Vape have milled teeth inside the grinder that will utterly pulverize the dry herbs inside the unit. This makes the grinders much better at breaking down the herbs for vaporizing, and it makes the entire prep process faster and cleaner overall. 

A quality grinder is a must-have accessory for serious vapes who really love every aspect of dry herb vaporizing. Dry herb vaporizing brings on a release of incredibly great taste and it's a very efficient way to enjoy a great tasting vape. The Sutra Vapes Company has been creating these keenly efficient aluminum grinders since way back in 2011, and the painstaking process of creating these quality grinders just keeps getting better all the time.

Is it time to experience the heavenly taste that emanates from freshly ground herbs, combined to your own utterly unique specifications? Yes it is. Life is short, and it is meant to be enjoyed. So order a grinder now, and get ready to grind!

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