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The Got Vape Wipes 100pk by Got Vape is an must have for every vape user. Got Vape Wipes 100pk are durable cleaning wipes that come individually wrapped containing a 3-inch pad that has been saturated in 70% isopropyl alcohol packing extra cleaning strength. Keeping your vaporizer and vape accessories clean adding to its longevity, Got Vape Wipes 100pk cleans numerous materials including concentrates, oils, dry herbs and e-liquids. The main function of the Got Vape Wipes 100pk is to protect your device from buildup and residue will allowing the user to clean with ease.

Product Description

The Got Vape Wipes 100pk are perfect for beginner as well as experienced users. Coming in a compact little neat package, the 2.75” by 1.25” pad is safe and effective to use with nearly all products and devices. The Got Vape Wipes 100 pk are easily opened and generously saturated in 70% isopropyl alcohol which provides extra strength for cleaning. Since the wipes come individually wrapped, Got Vape Wipes 100pk can be taken any and everywhere. When cleaning, thoroughly wipe your vaporizer or vaping accessory and just toss in the trash when all done.

These wipes are essential for every vape enthusiast. The Got Vape Wipes 100pk eliminate all dirty, build up and residue allowing your products to be nice and clean. Ideal for using to clean the mouthpiece or filling chamber of a vaporizer. The wipes come individually wrapped allowing the user use as many as they want without having to waste the ones they don’t need. Its lightweight package makes Got Vape Wipes 100pk perfect for traveling. At an affordable price, Got Vape Wipes 100 pk are a must add to every vapers collection.

Whether you are advocate for the Sutra Mini, where dry herb and concentrates are employed; or you’re a fan of the Sutra DBR Portable ENail Kit that carters to essential oils; even if you’re the type that love e-liquids and the incredible vape session the Sutra Vape Essential Oil Pen provides, Got Vape Wipes 100pk can easily clean any type of vaporizer without any fuss. These wipes clean everything from glass to interchangeable metal parts to heating chambers and glass or metal mouthpieces.

At Sutra Vape we pride ourselves on immersing completely in the vaping culture. Because of this we have a better understanding of what our customers are looking for as well as their likes and dislikes. We apply the feedback gathered and utilizes it in the creation of future innovative devices and products. When you see the Sutra Vape logo, you know that you are getting the very best that the industry has to offer.

A big reason we are one of the most trusted brands on the market is our talented and knowledgeable staff of professionals. Our staff is educated in the latest products and devices on the market and will provide expertise advice ensuring that you get the best unit suited for your vaping needs. Our team of professionals, many who vape, pride themselves on providing the best possible care, an unmatched experience for our customers.

While shopping on for the Got Vape Wipes 100 pk have a look around of entire site. Sutra Vape offers a large variety of vaping accessories including vaporizers, grinders and spare replacement parts. If while shopping you feel like you have any questions or comments, our friendly staff is willing to help and can be reached via email or telephone.

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